I want to thank my fans for making ‘3’ the # 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100. I am truly blessed with the greatest fans in the world. I am so happy y’all love it because I do this all for you. I can’t wait till you see the video! -Britney

Video Of The Week

tisdag 31 mars 2009

Who’s in better shape: Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera?!

They were always in competition for who’s the best singer, the most beautiful (and the most blond we would add). Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera! For sure Britney’s life is from far more tumultuous then Cristina’s.But what concerns everybody is that, now when they are both mothers, who’ll remain in the best shape. And it is for sure that the two divas still try to convince us about their beauty and extravagance style.

Source/The Insider

Britney is and will always bee the #1 no matter what,and she has always been herself and has pulld it true anything,,,Britney is a survivor.

Britney On ET Tonight!

The pop star - whose father has legal control over her affairs - reportedly rebelled against Jamie's domineering ways by sneaking around with a dancer while he was on a business trip to L.A. earlier this month.

An insider tells New York Daily News, “Literally as soon as her dad left, she started getting cozy with a dancer named Gio. It wasn’t serious.

"They had a few romantic interludes, and she bought him a few things - a pair of shoes and some clothes - even though she’s on an allowance.”
But on Jamie Spears' return, Britney is said to have reverted to her good girl routine to keep Jamie on side: “Britney was definitely getting jiggy there for a hot minute, but they’ve slowed down since Jamie got back in the picture.

“It’s basically over now.
”The tension between Brit and her father may resurface after a phone recording - reportedly made by Britney and revealing Jamie's alleged threats - surfaced on the internet yesterday.


OMG my head is spinnig like a hurricane,,whats up with all this stuff about Britney and her father Jamie,are they realy fighting about her life or is it all just a game from the tabloids side,i don't get it at all...maybe well get the answer veary soon so that we don't need to bee worried any more.

Some Tour Pics Enyoj :)

On Her Way To Texas

Houston Tour Pics

Britney chage her haire Style to a black wig,just like the one she had on the womanizer video...looks really cool.

Texas Tour Videos

måndag 30 mars 2009

New song called "Telephone" to be released soon?

From Darkchild's official Twitter profile:

Me and Lady Gaga wrote a smash for Britney called "Telephone" the label didnt out it on the lp. It should be out right now!!! Its too hot!!!

Note that Rodney has an album coming out titled Darkchild Presents: The Writers, Vol1.

Being Just Britney

Britney was spoted in LA yesterday and enyoing her free day of,work.
As always she had Starbucks coffee in one hand and wather in the other,dosn't she look great even when she is not working and beening an entertainer on the stage.

Source/The Sun

Is This For Real Or Not?

What do you think Is it Britney? On the voicemail

I don't think so Britney's voice dos not sound like that at all,,wounder who
can be so crazy and make a video like this and put it on Youtube,,,and let every one think that it's her,,,it's not right.

It's so strange,,,in the TV documentry Britney sed "My father saved my life,and I probably wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him.”he “basically gave up his job and his life to look after me at a time when I wasn’t even sure I wanted to go on living.”I owe him my life,"

So can Britney feel like this after all?

New Candie's advertising

Britney Documetry in England

The Documentry is about Britney and her fans,about 400 people got together just to dance the coreograf to "Baby One More Time".
They will show it on TV the First week of June on BBC3 In England,it's also the date when Britney will Start her London Tour.It's not sure yet if Britney will be on the documentry.

Christina Likes Britney?

The pic can say more than you think...can it be true that Christina after all likes Britney and her music? well i guess we just need to wait, if there will come an answer:)

Britney Spears' Fans Say: Don't Call It A Comeback!

Britney Spears has had more than her share of ups and downs over the past few years. But with a successful new album, Circus, and a nationwide tour packing in crowds all across the country, she's definitely back on top.

However, some of her die-hard supporters beg to differ -- because they insist she never went away in the first place! Before and after Britney's Pittsburgh concert on Friday, most fans agreed, comeback or not, Spears was on top of her game.

"I don't think she ever went away," said 21-year-old Hugh Stumpp. "She's on top of the world right now and she's continued to grow and it's great."

"Her huge tour comeback just shows how great of an artist she really is and shows how she can bounce back from anything," added 20-year-old Steve Delong.

As fans left the show donning their handmade "It's Britney, B---h" T-shirts and replicas of her famous music-video looks, it was quite obvious that these supporters had never left Britney's side.

"Everyone just goes through a rough patch," said Danielle DeRuschi, 20. "If you like her you stand up for her and you just follow her through the end."

Uber fan Natalie Nilon, 27, was ecstatic that Spears was back on top, but she did notice that one aspect of the old Britney was missing.

"When she first came out a long time ago, she talked a lot more and she interacted more with the crowd," Nilon said. "I just wanted to hear more from her because, you know, it was her chance to talk. But it was still good to hear her say, 'What's up, Pittsburgh!' "

Lori Barker, 29, who donned a replica of Spears' sexy stewardess ensemble from the "Toxic" video, also had one minor request for the singer on her next tour.

"Take me backstage!" Barker cried.

She's probably not the only one wishing for that.

Source: Mtv.Com

söndag 29 mars 2009

Funny Argentinian Britney TV Commercial

I think this commercial is just hillarious!
Personal is one of the biggest mobile phone companies in argentina.
The commercial said: even the rockers loves britney songs, download it.

Source: BMK

Britney Spears' Circus Tour Wows Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania — A stampede of young women has stormed the Mellon Arena.

Dressed in their Friday-night best, excited young fans, largely ranging from ages 13 to 30, are buzzing throughout the halls of the venue. Groups of friends are huddled together, laughing; mothers and daughters are walking hand in hand. Then, a single drumbeat brings the crowd to attention — and immediately sends them into a frenzy. Girls in high heels sprint in all directions; the long line of women waiting to use the restroom dissipates in about 10 seconds.

Ladies and gentlemen, Britney Spears is about to take the stage.

Of course, Britney needed no introduction here. From the minute the tape of her ringmaster — celebrity blogger Perez Hilton — appeared on the jumbo screen, fans were on their feet, filling the arena with deafening screams. All of their hard work — making homemade Britney T-shirts and necklaces, memorizing lyrics, mastering dance moves — was validated when the pop princess descended onto the stage from a suspended metal balcony and began to sing "Circus." And what a circus it was!

After the opening number — which included an elaborate team of dancers, clowns, and acrobats — Spears ditched her red ringmaster's coat and morphed into a sexy cage dancer for "Piece of Me."

All eyes were on the pop star as she changed into sparkly and sexy outfits throughout the show, which featured a similar format and costumes from earlier shows in the tour. Britney was a veiled princess for a Bollywood-inspired version of "Me Against the Music," a temptress in an S&M style bodysuit adorned with black tassels, and a sexy sergeant in a tight corset worn over a blue police shirt for the "Womanizer" finale. And judging from the screams after each costume change, her Pittsburgh fans didn't mind a little skin.

Despite the success of Spears' latest album, Circus, the songs that got the most love were classics like "Toxic" and a revamped version of "...Baby One More Time." Even the phrase "It's Britney, b—-h," which was included during a musical segue, got an overwhelming reaction. And of course, fans raved when Spears spoke to them before singing "Everytime" while perched on an umbrella above the stage.

A video montage covering a decade of iconic Britney music-video images that played before the finale also got a big reaction from the crowd — leaving no doubt that this crowd truly believes that Britney is back (if she ever went away!).


lördag 28 mars 2009

Billboard reviews Amy

If U Seek Amy
Britney Spears reunites with the man behind her first hits (". . . Baby One More Time," "Oops! . . . I Did It Again") for another slice of indisputable pop mojo. While the title and chorus have stirred up a bit of controversy, warranting the label to service radio with a tamer "If U See Amy," Spears has certainly proved that she can rise above any negative press. Besides a sensationalistic lyric that does seem to be built around an excuse tospell out the similar-sounding letters in the title, everything else is Max Martin and Spears at their best: astomping dancefloor beat with building synthsprodding the song along andthe singer sounding like she's having a blast being the bad girl. While previous singles were instant top five successes based on first-week digital sales before the release of "Circus," "Amy" is moving up the old-fashioned way, with rising airplay and sales, showing the makings of a true hit. —Chris Williams

Breatheheavy.com forced (?!?) to close down

I dont´know if you already know it but Jorden the owner and webmaster of breatheheavy.com claimes that Jamie Spears is forcing him to close down his website...

He got legal papers that say:

"The Infringing Sites are replete with willful, unauthorized and unlawful use and/or exploitation of: (i) the copyrighted lyrics to songs written and/or recorded by Ms. Spears; (ii) Ms. Spears's trademarked name, (iii) various video and audio recordings embodying the performances of Ms. Spears; and (iv) photographic images of Ms. Spears (owned or exclusively licensed to third parties by Ms. Spears).

The unauthorized use of these recordings, images, copyrighted works and trademarks constitutes actionable infringement under, inter alia, copyright and trademark law, and also violates Ms. Spears's rights of publicity and privacy."

"Ms. Spears will pursue damages and injunctive relief in connection with the blatant violation of her rights of publicity and privacy."

And Jamie said this:

“I will destroy your ass,” threatened Jamie Spears to me in a telephone conversation.

I don´t know if this whole thing is true or if Jordan just wants some more attention but we will wait and see what happens...

Brit wins MTV Australia award!

She did it! Britney won in the only category she was nominate for, Best Moves, for her great dancing in her Circus video. She won against Madonna feat. Justin and PCD! Isn´t that cool? She´s being rewarded again for dancing like a godess :D
It´s her first MTV Australia award since the first awards were handed out in 2005...
Hope a lot of other awards will follow...

fredag 27 mars 2009

Remembering "Crossroads"

I´m just watching "Crossroads" right now and I remember again how much I LOVE that movie! Ok, it´s totally for girls but hey, Im a girl ;) I think Britney made a really good movie and I think she should do another one! So here a few pics to remember this fantastic movie:

Tampa concert

Eonline writes that Brits concert in Tampa on march 8 was completely sold out (19.845 people) and she made a lot of money... 1,9 milion dollars she made on just that one evening... you go girl ;)

Britney and Michael together again?

Rumor has it that Michael ants Britney on 5 of his Tour dates on stage with him...
He wants people with him who whe likes. HGe also wants Justin and Timbaland singing with him...
let´s wait and see...

UPDATE: Britney Spears is reportedly in talks to join Michael Jackson onstage in London.

The Thriller singer is due to play 50 gigs at the British capital's O2 Arena later this year and throughout 2010.

And he is said to be keen to have the Toxic hitmaker join him on stage during some of the shows.

A source tells The London Paper, "Michael knows that stretching out all those shows and keeping it fresh is going to be hard, and one way to do this is to collaborate with some other big stars that he admires.

"The idea would be for them to do five dates each with him. As well as Britney and Justin, he's in talks with producer Timbaland about doing some of the dates too."

Meanwhile, recent reports have claimed that Jackson, 50, has requested that he arrive for each of his dates at The O2 Arena by boat, rather than car or helicopter.

Source: showbizspy.com

New Song?

Darkchild who produced a few Songs of Britney said on his Twitter account that he and Lady Gaga wrot this hot number for her Circus Album called "Telephone" but her Management didn´t want to put it on the CD...
He thinks the song should be released right now because it´s so hot....

I really hope we´ll get to hear this song someday...

Pics from Washington

Britney releases her inner Jersey Girl

Britney Spears acted like a New Jersey native yesterday, making a pit stop at the Mall at Short Hills on March 25. With her mom, Lynne, and two bodyguards in tow, Britney spent a few hours shopping and eating at the upscale mall, which includes stores such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Gucci and Jimmy Choo.

Britney hit the Guess store, an employee tells Life & Style. "Britney was in the store for around 45 minutes and was dancing around while trying on clothes. She bought a few Marciano shirts and dresses and actually left in something I picked out for her."

Other mall employees say Brit also shopped in Charles David and Bebe, and posed for pictures with fans in Bloomingdale's.

All that shopping must have made her hungry, since she stopped at classic diner-style restaurant Johnny Rockets, where she sampled a little of everything but settled for some milk shakes and chili fries. "She was having a blast," a server tells Life & Style. "She was cheering on the waiters while they were singing and dancing."

Congressman Votes For Britney Over Barack


One congressman voted for Britney Spears on Tuesday night.

Washington, D.C. gossip blog Wonkette reported on Wednesday that House Republican Whip Eric Cantor spent the evening at the pop princess’ concert at the Verizon Center, rather than watching President Barack Obama’s press conference.

In a statement to Wonkette, the congressman’s office called it “a bipartisan night” and noted that Democrats had joined him at the show.

“I had a political event there, and it was simply because it was there to help the team, that’s why I was there,” Cantor told CNN on Thursday, noting that he’d been there for a fundraiser.

But working for his party wasn’t the only reason the congressman took a night out.

“I hand it to the performer, she was something,” he told CNN.

Britney Spears Responds To Crewmembers’ Arrest


Britney Spears’ camp has spoken out following the arrests of two crewmembers affiliated with her “Circus” tour on Wednesday night.

“Last night two employees of a company contracted to provide equipment for The Circus Starring Britney Spears tour were arrested in Pittsburgh, PA,” read a statement on Britney’s Web site. “However, neither of the men involved are employees of the tour or Ms. Spears. The two individuals have since been dismissed by their employer. The Circus Starring Britney Spears tour does not support or tolerate this type of behavior.”

According to RadarOnline, the arrests occurred after the two men, Rockey Lee Dickey and Alex Montes, allegedly assaulted police after the officers attempted to break up a separate scuffle. They were reportedly charged with aggravated assault, disorderly conduct, simple assault public drunkenness and possible additional charges, and are being held on a $100,000 bail.

Britney Won't Let Go of Adnan Ghalib

Britney Spears is rocking her tour right now, but apparently she's been rocking her phone too, by sending text messages to her ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib.

If you guys recall, Adnan can't even be around Britney because her conservatorship had filed for a restraining order against him.

That obviously isn't stopping her from texting Adnan and asking him to help her out of the situation she is currently in.

Unfortunately or fortunately for Britney, Adnan has not been able to text back because he is not allowed to communicate with her for three years.

A source told the The Sun: “She keeps sneaking messages to Adnan begging him to help her win back her freedom...She says she is lonely and misses being able to date the men she chooses. She feels trapped.

“She has been begging him to meet her and help her come up with a plan to get out of her dad’s conservatorship."

Adnan might be a little too busy right now to text Britney back, as he's probably trying to figure out a way to not get deported back to Britain or his native Afghanistan.

Adnan was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, and hit and run after he allegedly hit a process server.

Wonder How Much Of this Story is True?

torsdag 26 mars 2009

And she wishes Happy Christmas...

...in washington (ca.0:50)

She´s so crazy! I would really like to know if she has lost a bet or something ;)
She´s so cute....

Britney falls in Toronto...

...during her Get naked performance (ca.1:19)

She´s just human too, right?!?

Magazinecover also in Finland

Today I found the finnish cosmopolitan with the Britneycover that has been on the other Cosmopolitancovers around the world too...
The headline: Welcome back, Britney!
The article talks about Britneys comeback and that they are happy Britney is better than ever and they hope she will come to finland someday...
Inside are pictures of her from 1998 with her mom Lynne and pics with Justin, Sean and at the VMA´s 2007&2008...
I think it´s a great article :D

Britney For The Record DVD Cover

Britney: For The Record
is out on DVD April 7, but you can pre-order your copy here.

Source: Britney.Com

onsdag 25 mars 2009

Britney Spears at the Verizon Center last night

My ears were ringing before the show even started.

So many teens, pre-teens, post-teens -- all wailing like banshees for Britney Spears at Washington's Verizon Center last night.

Though piercingly painful, the crowd's gleeful shrieks for Brit-Brit only added to the excitement. And what a show it was.

Yes, Britney lip-synced the whole thing. But let's be honest -- nobody was there to hear her sing.

I'll bet nobody cared. All that crowd wanted was to be dazzled, and Britney didn't let them down. The sheer spectacle of the whole thing was stunning.

Instead of a stage, there were three circular performance areas -- modeled after a three-ring circus. The tour is in support of Britney's new album, Circus, and the show is kind of like a wicked, hedonistic night under the Big Top ...

Before Britney hit the stage, we were treated to a video in which celebrity gossip queen Perez Hilton gushed about Britney's comeback. He was dressed like a screwy Victorian monarch, and gleefully gnawed on a scepter topped with a baby doll's head after giving his introduction. Weird.

For the first song -- the title track from Circus -- Britney descended from the ceiling in black boots and a red ringmaster's jacket. Brit seemed stiff and wooden for most of the track, but warmed up after a few minutes.

Over the course of the night, Britney seemed to make an entrance from every angle. She popped up from the floor, dropped down from overhead and, once, even hopped on a suspended human platform made from two interlocked contortionists and rode it up to the rafters.

All the while, a posse of dancers, contortionists and circus performers darted around the bubbly popstress. Fog rolled across the circular stage, sparks shot down from the ceiling and camera flashes flickered from the audience like strobe lights. At times, it was almost too much.

By the way, if you're planning on seeing this tour and haven't bought your tickets yet, try and get seats near the center of the venue. Britney tended to play to the audience nearest the middle ring.

No, there weren't any wardrobe malfunctions. But Britney did have a new getup for each song. She donned Middle Eastern garb for "Me Against the Music," a song she recorded with Madonna, and came out dressed as a police officer for the final song, "Womanizer."

Britney drew heavily from her Circus and Blackout albums for the set, and occasionally played a hit from years past. A bumping rendition of "... Baby One More Time" was a show-stopper, and would have made a better encore than "Womanizer." But now I'm being nit-picky.

This is Britney's first tour in about five years, and she's is eager to reestablish herself as one of the world's biggest female entertainers. If last night's show was any indication, Britney is well on her way.

Welcome back, Brit.

Britney's Body Is Mad Crazy

The longer her Resurrection of Britney Tour rolls on, the hotter Ms. Spears appears to get.Brit left her Jessica Simpson mom jeans at home and showed off her slammin' physique at her show in DC last night,It only takes $2.7 million in lawyer fees to look this good.


Britney’s Bills, Bills, Bills Add Up, New Docs State

Britney Spears has racked up millions of dollars in legal fees since the beginning of her father’s co-conservatorship over her estate (which began on February 1, 2008), according to new court papers acquired by Access Hollywood. The papers also give tremendous insight into the positive improvements made the star in the course of her recent life changes.

The Los Angeles Times was the first to break the news of the pop star’s hefty bills, which were tallied in court documents filed on Monday.

To view the documents, CLICK HERE.

Since dad Jamie Spears became Britney’s conservator, she’s paid over $2.7 million in various lawyers’ fees and costs split between 17 different attorneys.

Amongst the costs — $160,000 initially paid plus additional payments for Jamie, who serves as Britney’s personal conservator and the co-conservator of her estate; $409,849.21 to Andrew Wallet, of Hinojosa & Wallet, who serves as her estate’s other co-conservator; and hundreds of thousands of dollars to other attorneys regarding “Florida litigation,” “family law,” “First Amendment issues,” a “vehicle misdemeanor charge” and further legal matters.

Jamie and Wallet were made permanent conservators on October 28, 2008 after their previous temporary status.

The papers, which term the period from the beginning of the conservatorship to present day the “First Account,” note that Britney has made great strides during the course of its 14 months, stating that, “her physical and mental health continue to mend.” They also point out her increased visitation time with her two children and her renewed career success.

The papers acknowledged that they did not reveal the full scope of Britney’s wealth, noting that she has assets in, “various trusts and other states” not covered by the conservatorship as well as, “substantial interests in numerous business entities which are protected by trade secret,” which are not included in the documents.

Make A Wish

vote for a "Circus" single, preferably MANNEQUIN (just remember the amazing dance routine from August 2008)!!!!!On Britney.com

Britney Pregnent ?

Is this tabloid Right or Wrong....well i guess we need to wait and see.
It dos not matter really as long she and her sons are happy ...Britney is a great mom...she has really proved it well for everyone by changeing her hole life just to be able to be with Sean and Jayden.

Best Mum

If you like to vote, then vote Britney best celebrity Mum 2009 here.

It´s so cool that after being slated so many times for being a bad Mum people begin to respect her as being a good Mum... Maybe everyone will change their minds soon about Britney. Because I´m so sure that she´s a wonderful Mum to her cute little angels...
Britney´s first at the moment with 63% of the votes...

In between...

I wanted to post that pic of Brit from the new German Maxim Magazine ´cause I love it and the text which is there...

I´m living by the motto: All or nothing. I don´t do anything only half way.

PS: I know the pic is old but I just love it...

RUMOR: Radar 4th single?

X17 from an inside source that our girl Brit’s fourth single off her Circus album will be “Radar”. The reason as why “Radar” was featured on “Circus”, after being on “Blackout” was because Jive had a deal set up with Bloodshy & Avant, who produced this song, that it would be in fact a single, and after craziness during the “Blackout” era, “Blackout” was scrapped and “Circus” was created. The song, wasn’t released and this is why it was put on “Circus”.

I really hope it´s not true and I´m pretty sure it´s not... They claimed also last year that Hot as ice would be released as single and it didn´t happen...
So let´s hope for a REAL Circus Single...like Shattered Glass, maybe?!?

Britney Platinum By RIA

tisdag 24 mars 2009

Britney Spears To Take ‘Circus’ Tour Down Under

Britney Spears has already taken her “Circus” tour across America, into Canada and is scheduled to perform in England this summer – but the pop princess isn’t limiting herself to cities just north of the equator – Brit is headed down under.

According to Australian News, the pop star will bring “The Circus Starring Britney Spears” to Australia later this year, in her first tour of the country.

“All the promoters are vying for it, but the bottom line is she really wants to come here and she really wants to come here this year,” Denis Handlin of Sony Australia told the paper. “I think the promoters are battling it out at the moment.”

As previously reported on AccessHollywood.com, the pop princess’ first tour in five years kicked off earlier this month in New Orleans – and according to fans, the show was worth the wait.

“She was amazing and she looked like she was having a blast the entire time,” one fan told Access. “I haven’t seen the spark that she had last night in a very long time! The ‘it factor’ that she lost is totally back.”

Brit will play Washington, D.C. on Tuesday night and Pittsburgh on Friday.

Britney's Bathroom Romp with Dancer

Britney Spears' new Circus tour isn't all work and no play. In fact, the pop princess reportedly had a little playtime with one of her backup dancers.

After a show in Montreal, Britney headed to an after-party with her crew, reports x17online, and one fan witnessed a little more than she expected!

Says the fan:

"I went to brits show the other night and totally amazed at how well put it was. So I went to this afterparty at this club called Tribe. Paid 200 bucks to get in and hang in VIP. Brit was in the house. Her and her crew of about ten were in a corner booth. It was really crowded. Brit got up and danced when the DJ played 'Slave 4 U'.

"When she got ready to sit back down there were no seats so she sat on this cute dancers lap. After a while of whispering back and forth they kissed a little. About 20 min after that they went to the bathroom..TOGETHER...2 big guys stood by the door and wouldnt let abybody in. They all of a sudden 7 or 9 minutes later brit and the guy came out. CRAZY!!!"

There's nothing like a hot juicy hookup to get the press talking! Forget Amy, looks like everyone seeks Britney!

NY Times Interview With Dsquared

NY Times blog, The Moment, sat down with Dan Caten of brother-designer-duo Dsquared, the masterminds behind Britney's Circus stage costumes, to talk about how the collaboration came about, Britney's relationship to style and his favorite Circus track. Read a sample of the interview below and see the full interview here.

Q. How would you characterize Britney's relationship to style?
A. It's nice when artists have the attitude "Yes, I'm the singer, but you should be the one that knows about styling." When they ask you something, it's nice when they respect and understand where you're coming from. So, she was really easy on that level. She is great listener and very open to direction.

Q. The theme is obviously a take on an old-timey circus. Is this a process that you work out with Britney and her camp, or is this something that you pitch to her team?
A. If you listen to the songs she chose for this tour, they're a little bit more erotic. So it was kind of like playing on that kind of feel -- "Piece of Me" and stuff. The outfits start from the traditional circus ring at first but move to a little bit more of a hard-core sexual vibe. I mean, there's a leather wrestling match!


Britney Upset About Weight Criticism

Did we miss something? Are we the only ones who think Britney Spears' new toned body is amazing?

Apparently Spears has been getting a lot of negative feedback about her 'Circus' tour, and most of revolves around her weight.

She's said to be "devastated" by some critic’s comments. She's been dubbed "Bulky Spears" and "jelly belly," according to Heat.

"Britney has been upset by some of the negative feedback she's been getting," a source said. "She's worked so hard on her figure and her fitness.

"She thought she was an unstoppable force, but now it's dawning on her that she's not as revered as she once was, which is causing her upset.

"She feels she's put a heck of a lot of effort into the tour. It's devastating for her to hear the criticisms. We just hope she doesn't take it too much to heart."

They're called 'Haters' Brit! Considering the fact that she has two young boys, and had one heck of a year, she's looking pretty fabulous to us. She should just take the Jessica Simpson route and laugh off the criticism.


OMG what are they saying i mean pleas...what is there to complain about Britney looks amazing and as long as she is happy about it then why do they bother.Maybe it's beacause they are
jealous of her and what Britney has achieved.
Why do the tabloids write about how the celebretys are giving the wrong expressetion of how they should look like..when it's always the tabloids that are talking about someones weight..not the celebretys.

Pussycat Dolls NOT Performing Tonight in New York

Due to the illness of lead singer Nicole Scherzinger, The Pussycat Dolls are canceling tonight's performance at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, NY. Britney Spears' performance will proceed as planned. Britney and her camp wish Nicole a speedy recovery!

måndag 23 mars 2009

Britney Merchandise prices

Billboard POP 100 Airplay

NRJ Top 5 Track List! Sweden

This Track List has been updated 20 Mars by NRJ

1. (1) Flo Ride - Right Round

2.(2) Kelly Clarksson - My Life Would Suck

3. (3) Darin - Runaway

4.(4) Beyonse - Halo

5. (5) Britney Spears - If You Seek Amy

Britney Spears' Parents Bite Back at Sam Lutfi's Claims of Neglect and Exploitation Britney Spears’ parents are pretty sick o

Britney Spears’ parents are pretty sick of their daughter’s former manager Sam Lutfi and his dirty mouth – and they want the courts to know it.

Jamie and Lynne filed a Motion to Strike in the Los Angeles Superior court last week, alleging that the complaint Lutfi filed against them in February was essentially baseless.

According to the papers, Lutfi’s suit contains “content that appears to be a calculated attempt to exploit the court system by turning a legal pleading into a fanciful public relations press release with no factual or legal moorings.”

Lutfi claimed Brit’s folks failed to “offer their fragile daughter guidance or emotional support” during her downward spiral last year and accused them of financially capitalizing on her misfortunes, controlling every aspect of her life and interfering with her marriage to Kevin Federline.

In the new motion filed, Jamie and Lynne Spears claim that Lutfi’s “far-fetched” depictions of Britney’s personal relationships are “false” and “paint a scandalous picture.” In addition, the Spears allege that his claim that Jamie engaged in harmful physical contact toward him are irrelevant and serve no other purpose than to “excite the passions and prejudices of the public.”

Lutfi’s attorney was not immediately available for comment. The issue is expected to be addressed in court on April 9.

söndag 22 mars 2009

New Pics From Tribe Hyperclub

She Looks Really Great As Always :)

Vote For Britney On TIME's Most Influential People Of 2009

At the moment she´s number 28 on the list... let´s see how far she´ll go...

Vote here...