I want to thank my fans for making ‘3’ the # 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100. I am truly blessed with the greatest fans in the world. I am so happy y’all love it because I do this all for you. I can’t wait till you see the video! -Britney

Video Of The Week

tisdag 30 juni 2009

What would VMA's Be With Out Britney

Acording to Lainey Gossip Britney is agossiating with MTV about the up coming VMA's in New York September 13- 2009.
The site tells that Britney whant's to perform as a opening act with one of the songs from the Circus tour.

That would be so awsome,she makes the vma's worth wile :)

måndag 29 juni 2009

Some Relax Time with Jason :)

Don't they look great together?,hope for the best for those two and hopefully the rumors that we have been hearing is or will come true for our girl.She really diserves to be happy.

Is Britney Engaged?

The princess of pop has not only been spotted out with her agent/boyfriend Jason Trawick sporting a massive sparkler on her wedding finger, but she's also swishing about her new brunette coloured hair.

The Toxic star, who's just finished touring her Circus album here in the UK, was apparently shopping for bed sheets as she shopped in Los Angeles, sporting short denim shorts, an orange vest top and white flip flops.

Just days before, Britters was still blonde and seemed to be deliberately showing off the rock on her ring finger, as seen below:

Britney looks great with the brown haire...love it and with Jason beside her it seems like that she is really happy,she is allways smiling,

Well i guess well just have to wait and see what happens :)

söndag 28 juni 2009

Britney To Attend Michael's Funeral

Reports indicate Britney will be one of the celebrities on hand at Michael's funeral. Which is rumored to take place on Wednesday or Thursday, believably, at the enormous Forest Lawn cemetery in Los Angeles. Sources say, "Late King of Pop Michael Jackson’s funeral is expected to be even bigger than Elvis Presley’s in 1977, when 75,000 fans lined the streets of Memphis."


THE biggest music stars on the planet are gearing up to release a Michael Jackson tribute single - and they're using Glasto to set it in motion.

Jacko's musical friends in the States have already started discussions with pop's big names - including Madonna, Britney Spears, Beyonce and Justin Timberlake - about the record. And Glasto stars the Black Eyed Peas (the band's will.i.am worked with him recently), Lady GaGa and Lily Allen are expected to join them.

lördag 27 juni 2009

Britney is a ping-pong guru!

As Bloodshy & Avant, Swedish producers Karlsson and Winnberg spun synth webs around Britney Spears' "Toxic" and "Piece of Me" as well as on tunes with Kylie Minogue and Madonna. “Madonna has sick quads,” says Karlsson. ”Britney is an amazing ping-pong player,” says Winnberg. “Seriously.

Who would've thought!!! Seems Britney's had a love for ping pong for quite some time!

According to the mag, the full interview with the Producers will be published tomorrow. Perhaps they will give us some more dish!

Ow, I love playing ping-pong and I wish I could play a few rounds with her ;)

Britney Spears "Devastated" by Jackson's Death

"I was so excited to see his show in London," Spears said in a statement today. "We were going to be on tour in Europe at the same time and I was going to fly in to see him. He has been an inspiration throughout my entire life and I'm devastated he's gone!"

onsdag 24 juni 2009

Britney #12 on FHM’s Sexiest Women in the World

UP 88 Positions! From #100 last year Britney placed #12 on this years FHM’s 100 Sexiest Women in the World! Congrats Britney!
I know who´s my #1-do you? ;)
That´s what FHM says about our girl:
Every man remembers where they were the first time they saw Britney dressed as a schoolgirl in the video for 1999’s …Baby One More Time. It changed all our lives. And Mississippi-born Spears promptly became the biggest female pop star on earth. Her talent was clear: lashings of raw sex appeal.

Then came the multi-million record sales, the destruction of her illusion of innocence, the necking of Madonna on stage at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards and some paparazzi pussy shots. The world was obsessed. Then it all went tits-up. And the world was even more obsessed.

But hear this: no female celeb on earth could have gone through the sham marriage, the divorce, the real marriage, another divorce, the bitter custody battle, the shaved head, the harsh slide into insanity and the rehab, and still remain worthy of lust. Even though we all know Justin Timberlake popped her cherry.

Silver in England for Gimme More

Now, that Brit´s Tour passed the UK , her Single Gimme more sold over 200,000 copies (202 314 to be specific) in the UK... Before the Tour the number has been under 200,000...
It´s Brits 8th single to get silver. (You Drive Me) Crazy", "Born To Make You Happy", "Lucky", "Toxic", "Everytime", "Piece Of Me" and "Womanizer" are the other 7...
Congrats Brit!

Radar Single News

Japan will get a limited edition of the single. Here’s the tracklist (7 songs):

Radar (Main Version), (Instrumental), (Junior Vasquez Club Remix) & (Junior Vasquez Dub)
Womanizer (Benni Benassi Remix) & (Stephane Poupomgnac Remix)
If U Seek Amy (Bimbo Jones Remix)

.SONY Music Switzerland has announced the officiall release in France and Switzerland for 10th August.

The CD will be released and in England and Belgium on 27th July.

Remember: “Radar” Video launch is on 6th July.

Britney about Ed McMahon's Death

Britney posted a message on her Twitter about Ed McMahon's death today. McMahon was an American television personality best known as the host of the talent show Star Search, which Britney herself starred on in 1992, when she was just 10 years old.

I am deeply saddened by today’s news about Ed McMahon. He is responsible for giving so many artists their first shot including myself. He was a wonderful man and will be greatly missed.
- Britney

Britney Rehearsing For New Number

Check out these pictures of Britney and her dancers after they rehearsed a new number for her 'Circus' tour, which will be unveiled in Europe!
I´m so excited about that news!!!! So, now the speculations start about what´s going to be... Mannequinn? Gimme more? Kill the lights? Or something else?
Let´s wait and see...

fredag 19 juni 2009

Jive Records Is Pushing For Multiple Grammy Nominations

Submissions for the 2010 Grammy Awards won’t take place until September of 2009, but we are told that Jive Records will push for the final nail in Britney’s comeback: several Grammy nominations. Her album, Circus, was released in November of 2008 and has been one of the biggest selling albums of the past year. All her singles, “Womanizer,” “Circus,” and “If U Seek Amy,” have been major hits as well.

Some may laugh at the prospect of Britney Spears winning several Grammies. However, Grammy voters not only love comebacks, but have also been more keen to dance music lately. The only categories that Britney doesn’t have a chance in are Best Female Pop Vocal Performance (for obvious reasons) and Song of the Year. She is definitely ripe for an Album of the Year nomination as well as one for Record of the Year. She’s also ripe for Best Pop Album.

One year ago, everybody was saying that Britney Spears was over with. Now, Britney is filling up arenas at top ticket prices during one of the worst recessions ever. One has to not only credit Ms. Spears for curbing her destructive behavior, but her management, father, and Jive Records deserve thumbs up as well.

Source: Examiner

Britney: “No One Pushed Me Into Touring”

Britney Spears has addressed rumors she was pressured into launching her current world tour, insisting she proposed the idea because she was sick of people thinking she was “finished.”

Spears has endured a tumultuous 12 months which saw her lose custody of her two sons, suffer a break down and spend time in hospital under a mental health order.

But the pop superstar appeared to bounce back with the launch of her Circus shows earlier this year.

But Internet gossips have speculated that Spears is not ready for such a massive operation, with many suggesting her father, Jamie, and manager Larry Rudolph pushed her back out on the road.

But Spears insists she was the driving force behind her Circus tour, because she wanted to silence the critics who thought her career ended with her meltdown.

She tells Hello!, “A lot of people thought I wouldn’t make it. People thought I was finished, didn’t they?

“I guess for a while last year it looked that way. Nothing I can do about the past. But I’m hoping to prove them wrong now. And I have really put everything I have into this new show.”

And the performer admits going back on the road has been a therapeutic experience for her.

She adds, “I’m not sad any more. I was just so sad for such a long time, but not anymore. And you know what? That feels really, really good. I’m happy. Truly. I feel like the girl who has it all. I have my family, my boys, my friends, my fans, this show.”

Source: britneyfever.com

Britney somethimes forgets she´s famous...?!?!

Britney recently gave a small interview to OK! magazine about the price of fame and her current demeanor, according to Metro.co.uk.

"I don't think it's changed me at all," said Britney.

"I'm more experienced now and I've learned a lot, but I don't think it's changed me. I'm still the same old silly Britney - ha ha!"

As continued to say her life was "madness," and longs to be normal.

"I don't look at myself as famous. That really freaks other celebrities out, because they do think of themselves as this goddess or this big celebrity, while I think of it as a job."

"I go on stage and do my thing, and then I come off and I'm just like you, you know?" she said.

Although Britney remains a fascination to the world, she says she can 'easily forget' her fame when it comes to mothering her two sons, Sean & Jayden.

"I know I'm famous but I don't look at it like other people do. Sometimes it surprises me because I forget that I am famous. I do - I totally forget"

Britney, who apparently rated herself a 6 on the looks scale, claims she was "very sensitive" after her public breakdown.

"It took a long time for me just to be happy with me because I was always really worried about what other people thought about me."

Now all Britney wants to do is "normal things," saying "I just like eating tuna and talking to the dancers and watching television, you know."

torsdag 18 juni 2009

Pics from London June 14th

I´m back from London (it was just amazing- Britney was just amazing!!!!) and I brought you some self made pics... For more go to our Gallery...

tisdag 16 juni 2009

Britney And The Kids At London Zoo

Britney had some nice time with her boys at the London zoo yestesterday.
And here you guys have some nice pics from it all.Britney looking stunning and having that million dollar smile.

New Britney Interwie

Metro magazine in UK has reveals some of the Britney Intewie that she made for OK magazine,that will be out next week,Britney talks about her kids,about her celebrity and sexi men,but until then we just have to be satisfied some with thees Britney words :)

‘I don’t think it’s changed me at all. I’m more experienced now and I’ve learned a lot, but I don’t think it’s changed me. I’m still the same old silly Britney – ha ha!’

‘I don’t look at myself as famous. That really freaks other celebrities out, because they do think of themselves as this goddess or this big celebrity, while I think of it as a job.’ ‘I go on stage and do my thing, and then I come off and I’m just like you, you know?’ she said.

‘It took a long time for me just to be happy with me because I was always really worried about what other people thought about me.’

Now, the 27-year-old just craves ‘normal things’ telling: ‘I just like eating tuna and talking to the dancers and watching television, you know.’

*RUMOR* Possible "Circus" re-release?

There is good possibility that Britney Spears is re-releasing "Circus". Inside sources claim that this will happen after Britney has recorded few new tracks to it and will be releasing a brand new track as a single closer to the Australian gigs at the end of the year. Sources also claim that this has been in the cards for awhile, but now that the tour will be on to november, this can be materialized finally. More details will be released soon.

A Swedish producer-songwriter Alexander Kronlund (co-writer of Lucky, and If U Seek Amy) was in Finland working with a Finnish producer Dj Mobster on a track that may end up to Britney. They have 3 days to create a song and send it to Britney’s people to see if she likes it. The song starts with words "If You See Me.." and it's described as a catchy hit that stays in your head for hours. Britney is said to hit the studio in a break from the tour, after European gigs.

Britney nominated for 3 Teen Choice Awards

Britney's up for three Teen Choice AwardsChoice Female Artist, Choice Single ("Circus") and Choice Tour. It's up to us B fans to make sure Britney wins! You gotta first register on the TCA site (to vote, you must have been born between 1990 and 1996... me? I was born in 1992.Eye-wink) and then VOTE every single day. Tune in to the 2009 Teen Choice Awards on Aug. 10 at 8pm ET on FOX. Congrats, Britney!!! xx♥

måndag 15 juni 2009

Britney Leaving The Hotell With Jayden

Heres some new pics Britney holding Jayden in her arms when they are leaving the Hotell in London.Britney looks so happy with Jayden and she is one beautifull mom:)Hopefully the pappz are more carefull around her when the kids are with her and gives them little more space.

Circus Album Platinum In UK

Britney is currently in the UK in with her hugely successful tour ‘The Circus Starring Britney Spears’.
All dates have sold out and she has just announced an Australian leg, and further North American dates.

The album ‘Circus’ is Britney’s fastest selling album to date and has already gone platinum in the UK.

The next single from this masterpiece is 'RADAR'! The new video is coming very soon so stay tuned to britney.com.

Message from Sony music twitter :
Great time to be in the UK, Britney! Tour's raging and the album just went PLATINUM! Thx fans!

Britney won NewNowNext Award

Just wanted to let you know that Britney was presented with the Always Now, Forever Next award from MTV's Logo Channel NewNowNext Awards :)

The award was presented by EVE and Britney made an acceptance speech and a mock-perfume commercial (you may have seen this already � for the “ ‘Mo “ perfume) for the awards show too.

lördag 13 juni 2009

K-Fed and Britney Rework Their Time With the Kids

Now that she's a stable, hardworking Circus performer, Britney Spears will be seeing her kids...as much as always.

Lawyers for the pop princess and ex-hubby Kevin Federline have reconfigured the details (i.e. time of day, which days) of their existing custody arrangement for the remainder of her summer tour. But the amount of time they each spend with sons Jayden James and Sean Preston will not change, according to longtime Federline attorney Mark Kaplan.

"As a matter of fact, there was a lot of effort put into the arrangement that was agreed upon to make sure that, although the days might change and the hours might change, that when she has to be on a particular venue, the amount of time doesn't change," Kaplan said when asked about a report that Spears was going to be in charge of the boys more than 50 percent of the time.

"You have to look at the overall time and not just a very limited focus on a particular week," Kaplan said by way of explaining the time-frame misunderstanding. "That is really just an accommodation to ensure that she can meet her commitments for performing and meet her obligations and desires as a parent."

Los Angeles Superior Court Commissioner Scott Gordon signed off on the deal, which was filed under seal.

"The whole plan and structure of the tour as it's related to custody was that the venues are in a hub...so that Kevin can be in that area [on] days where the kids are going to be with Britney," Kaplan said. "They don't sacrifice her commitments to a particular venue and...the kids, while the house might look different, the scenery might look different, the custodial time with the parents doesn't look different."

Whether or not the agreement will apply to Spears' just-announced Australian leg of her tour, Kaplan couldn't say just yet, but he expects it to be similar.

"Whatever conditions existed before the tour, as far as when and under what particular circumstances custody will be exercised, they are the same here as they would be in Europe, Australia, anywhere�so the whole plan is to have the parents accommodate each other without making the kids have any kind of adjustment."

Spears has booked a new slew of North American dates to take her through September, after which she'll move the show Down Under.

Source: eonline

Posted on 12 Jun 2009 by video of the day
Britney's man flies in for dinner!

Britney's new man must love her - he jetted all the way to the UK to buy her a curry!

The singer, who is currently playing concerts in London, was thrilled when her boyfriend, agent Jason Trawick, arrived and treated her to a spicy meal at a famous curry district in East London.

A source said: “Britney couldn’t wait to tuck into a curry from Brick Lane - so many people have recommended it as the best curry in Europe. So she was really excited about having a fun night out.”

Jason is so smitten with Britney, 27, he is planning to whisk her away for a romantic break once her 'The Circus Starring Britney Spears' tour has left the UK later this month.

The source added to The Daily Star: “Jason has arranged to take Britney away as soon as she has finished performing in the UK.

“He asked her father Jamie Spears’ permission but he is keeping the location secret from everyone, including Britney.”

Britney has been photographed with Jason several times in the past few months.

Friends claim the pop beauty fell for Jason - who is a childhood friend of her brother Bryan - since they first met a few years ago and her family approve of the romance.

A source said: "They're very sweet together. Britney has always had a crush on Jason.

"He makes her really happy, and he's great with the boys."

fredag 12 juni 2009

London Pics Jun 6th

US Tour Dates


* 20 – Hamilton, ON – Copps Coliseum
* 21 – Ottawa, ON – Scotiabank Place
* 24 – New York, NY – MSG
* 25 – New York, NY – MSG
* 29 – Boston, MA – TD Banknorth Garden
* 30 – Philadelphia, PA – Wachovia Center


* 1 – Orlando, FL – Amway Arena
* 2 – Miami, FL – AA Arena
* 4 – Atlanta, GA – Philips Arena
* 5 – Greensboro, NC – Coliseum
* 8 – Detroit, MI – The Palace of Auburn Hills
* 9 – Chicago, IL – Allstate Center
* 11 – Des Moines, IA – Wells Fargo Arena
* 12 – Grand Forks, IA – Alerus Center
* 15 – Tulsa, OK – BOK Center
* 16 – Houston, TX – Toyota Center
* 18 – Dallas, TX – American Airlines Center
* 19 – Bossier City, LA – CenturyTel Center
* 21 – El Paso, TX – Don Haskins Center
* 23 – Los Angeles, CA – Staples Center
* 26 – Las Vegas, NV – Mandalay Bay
* 27 – Las Vegas, NV – Mandalay Bay

Britney On Hyde Park

Britney Granted More Time With The Kids

Britney Spears will be celebrating today after a court said she could have extra custody time with her two young boys.

TMZ reports that the star is now allowed to have little Jayden James and Sean Preston for more than half of their time while she is on tour.

Her ex-husband Kevin Federline is their main carer but is currently accompanying Britters with their kids on her Circus dates.

Now, the singer's lawyers have negotiated a temporary order for the rest of this month until the end of August where she gets physical custody of the boys for more than 50% of the time.

TMZ reports that lawyers have submitted a calendar outlining who gets the kids on which day.

However, they say that the 50/50 split will go back into effect once Britney's dates have concluded.

Britney's tour however continues until the end of November with dates in Australia - the first time she's ever played there live.

Maybe there's some more legal bartering to be done...

Source: Mirror.co.uk
Credit: Untouchablebritney.net
Posted on 11 Jun 2009 by video of the day
Guess who's making $10 million a year off Britney Spears?
It's expensive being Britney Spears.

According to LA Now, attorneys for her father, Jaime Spears -- who has permanent control of her personal affairs -- submitted docs to the LA Superior Court last Friday showing it costs a little shy of $1 million a month.


Yes, Jamie Spears and his attorney spent more than $10 million on the singer’s behalf over 11 months in 2008.

But here's where it gets interesting. Over a third of the money paid out – $3.6 million – went to lawyers.

Around 17 attorneys have worked on Spears' matters since February 2008, after she was declared unfit to manage her own affairs.

Spears has paid $168,790 to her conservator dad for his trouble, and her former husband, Kevin Federline, got $178,818 for child support for their two sons.

Poor Britney received $55,500 in spending money.

$55,000? Wow. That's hardly enough to keep a girl in designer jeans.

Her assets have been estimated at over $100 million. But we may never know for sure because it's all in private trusts. How convenient for those lawyers.

Don't worry your pretty little head about it, Brit-Brit. Just keep touring. ...

Source: latimesblogs.latimes.com

Posted on 11 Jun 2009 by video of the day
Megan Fox: I'm no Britney Spears
Megan Fox is still adjusting to all of the attention she’s been receiving since Transformers. Here’s what she opened up to Entertainment Tonight about:

On keeping herself grounded: “I see some people who have to deal with it on an everyday basis — I am not a Jennifer Aniston or a Britney Spears or even a Lindsay Lohan, you know? My pictures don’t sell for that kind of money. But [of] the small level that I do deal with it, it is hard and there have been times [when] people don’t want to hang out with me because they don’t want to end up on the Internet. I sometimes just turn around and go back home and don’t do anything and have to have someone go do my grocery shopping.”

Source: etonline.com
Credit: badmediakarma.com

Posted on 10 Jun 2009 by video of the day
Britney's Security Team Hires A Body Double
Click to view full size image

On Monday night, the Mail understands, Britney had been invited to Beyonce's opening show at the O2, and the party afterwards.

However she apparently decided to spend the night in.

She stayed at the Mandarin Hotel where her two sons - Sean Preston, three, and Jayden-James, two - were tucked up in bed under the watchful eye of nannies by 8pm.

Miss Spears has kept an extraordinarily low profile on this trip to London, apparently on the advice of record label executives well aware that she is at the last chance saloon after her recent fall from grace.

Her security team has been so keen for her not to be photographed they have employed a lookalike to divert attention whenever Miss Spears and her family leave the hotel.

Source: Daily Mail
Credit: Britneyexclusive.com
Posted on 10 Jun 2009 by video of the day
Britney Spears To Collect Legal Fees from Former Boyfriend Adnan Ghalib
With hundreds of thousands of dollars going out of her checking account every month for legal fees, Britney Spears has just caught a small financial break.

The Los Angeles County Superior Court on June 8 ordered Ghalib to pay the Conservatorship of Britney Jean Spears $11,500. to cover legal fees and costs it incurred in obtaining a restraining order against the photographer.

Ghalib may be counting himself as lucky, however. The Conservatorship had requested the Court award it over $70,000!

The same matters regarding Sam Lutfi and Jon Eardley are still pending.