I want to thank my fans for making ‘3’ the # 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100. I am truly blessed with the greatest fans in the world. I am so happy y’all love it because I do this all for you. I can’t wait till you see the video! -Britney

Video Of The Week

lördag 28 februari 2009

More Magazine Covers for Britney

She´s also on the Cover of the German XPress Magazine. Headline: Britney very personal.
Next is the Hairstyleguide. About Brit: Her sexy cut+color hairstyle moves. Unfortunately they took quite old but still sexy pics...

Britney Japan Covermagasin

Britney Pics

Britney and her family arrives to McComb Mississippi later on they went to Louisiana.
Here some pics...enjoy :)

New CD

I just found this on amazon.com/cdon.com and was quite suprised I´ve never heard of it before...
It´s an unauthorised interview Cd with Britney...
It will be released in USA on April 7th and in Finland (I´m not sure if this goes for whole Europe) it was released on February 16th...
It includes
  • Audio Biography And Interviews

  • 2-cd Set Featuring Biography

  • 2 Illustrated Booklets

  • Fold-out Poster

If you see Amy

According to FMQB, Britney’s next single, “If U See Amy” (yes… see not seek), will be officially going for adds on Mainstream radio on Tuesday, March 10th.


Here is a pic of a rumored setlist-again...
I´m pretty sure it isn´t the original one, ´cause this setlist would mean, that Brit is just performing 4 songs from her "Circus" Album (Circus,Womanizer,Out from under, If you seek Amy) and thats quite unbelivable...
And why should she be performing non-singles from her "In the Zone" Album?
But I will post the list anyway...
I really hope, the Tour will include "Shattered Glass", "Blur" and "Mmm Papi". "Kill the lights" would be awsome too, but if she´s doing "POM" then will she do both songs? Hm, I guess we´ll have to wait and see... :D

Britney Hits The #1

Britney continues her dominance on the charts, her latest single "Circus" is the No. 1 song on the Top 40 radio charts and her fifth No. 1 song overall. Currently she holds three songs in the Top 40 chart, her breakout first hit song 'Womanizer,' 'Circus' and her rapidly rising third single 'If You See Amy.' Additionally this marks the first time in her storied career where Spears scores back-to-back No. 1 singles on the radio chart, according to industry trade Radio & Records.

My Alias At VIP Tells It all:) Circus#1Album

By Jen Win tickets to Britney's Monday dress rehearsal!

Are you in New Orleans this weekend ahead of Brit's Tuesday night show?? Wanna go to Brit's Monday night final dress rehearsal? Of course you do!

3884824.jpgB97 New Orleans is holding a live circus-themed radio remote tomorrow February 28 at 2 p.m. at the Clearview Mall in New Orleans. Fans can come down to the mall and Join Britney's Circus for a chance to win tickets to Britney Spears' Final Dress Rehearsal by submitting a video in B97's video booth! Contest winners will be chosen that same day and the videos will be shown online soon after.

wfmf.jpgWFMF Baton Rouge is giving away VIP tickets to Britney's Monday night dress rehearsal!!! This is an exclusive VIP event from Virgin Mobile!

You can enter online and winners will be announced on-air.

Clearing Up Roumors

Britney is not going to appear any afterparties in any markets other than Montreal.
The only appearance Britney is scheduled to make is at Tribe/Hyper Club in Montreal.
We will get more news from BritneySpears.com later on.

fredag 27 februari 2009

Sign language

I´ve just seen the video on BS.com of this guy who´s doing Womanizer in "Sign language"... My parents are deaf and let me tell you one thing: He´s just doing something that looks like sign language (ok,some of the things are real sign language but 90% of it is not) to get klicks on youtube...
Here´s a real sign language interpretation of Britneys Hit-song "Piece of me". Not as spectacular as the half naked guy, but real sign language anyway... So if you´re interested in real sign language then watch this video ;)

Video Leakt

Break The Ice - Video Interlude (Early Cut) for the Circus Tour!!

Circus inching up to break another record !

Britney Spears moves into a tie for second-most No. 1s in the Mainstream Top 40 chart's 16-year history, as "Circus" becomes her fifth chart-topper with a 3-1 rise. She's tied with Beyonce, Avril Lavigne, Pink and Justin Timberlake, and they all trail Mariah Carey's six career leaders. "Circus" also grants Spears her first set of back-to-back No. 1s -- "Womanizer" led for two weeks in December. She previously reigned with "Baby One More Time" (1999), "Oops! I Did It Again" (2000) and "Toxic" (2004).


Britney And The Boys

Seek Amy Cover

Here you have the singel Cover of "If You Seek Amy"
It's really beautiful..don't you think?...but i thought she would take a pic from the video our something more like it.

torsdag 26 februari 2009

Kelly Clarksons Top 20 Divas

Kelly Clarkson recently chose her top 20 Diva videos and of course Britney was in there too.
Kelly chose 2 Britney videos in her top 20. "Toxic" and her absolute favorite video of Britney is "Slave".
This girl has style! I also think that "Slave" is Britneys best video so far...

Hairstylist Testifies Against Lutfi

Britney Spears's hairstylist testified in a Los Angeles courtroom Wednesday that the singer's ex-manager, Sam Lutfi, harassed her with calls and text messages over a period of three weeks last December.

"Someone kept calling me from a private number ... he said his name was Sam," Roberta Romero stated Wednesday. "He wanted information about Britney He said he was on her side. I told him, 'Leave me alone, stop calling me.' "

Lutfi allegedly sent Romero a series of 11 texts within a four day period, saying things like, "Please relay the truth to her. I did not do this to her," apparently referring to Jamie Spears's indefinite control over the singer's life. Lutfi also allegedly texted Romero: "I've done everything I can to free her from this. Very close to getting her free now." On another occasion he allegedly wrote: "I went to court to free her." Romero says she repeatedly told Lutfi to leave her alone via text.

Restraining Order Extended
The hearing was held to determine whether to uphold a restraining order, filed by Britney's father, against Lutfi and ex-boyfriend Adnan Ghalib. After three hours of proceedings, the restraining orders were extended to March 18, with the case to resume April 1 to hear more witnesses.

Romero testified about an evening on Dec. 27 when she and Britney went to watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Lutfi had been sending text messages to Romero that evening, and later, the two women texted back, "Leave me the [expletive] alone."

At some point that evening, Lutfi texted Romero, "Can you wish her a Merry Christmas for me?" At 2 a.m., the women sought help from the singer's bodyguard, Itamar Gelbman, who also testified in court.

The Bodyguard Steps In
"[Britney] complained Sam was texting her, and that she's scared," Gelbman said in court. "She asked for more patrols [around the house]. She wanted me to do more, to make sure everything was locked. She couldn't fall asleep because of [Sam's texts to Romero]. She told me to make him stop." Gelbman says he immediately called Lutfi and told him to leave the women alone.

Lawyers for Jamie Spears said Lutfi had been subpoenaed Tuesday night for cross-examination in court. The process server taped a notice to appear on his car windshield, they said, but Lutfi failed to show up.

His attorney, Bryan Freedman, claimed that Lutfi wasn't properly served, and has denied that his client has been harassing the singer.

onsdag 25 februari 2009

Britneys Boys

Britney spending time whit her two beautiful boys:)


Circus Tour Details

Britney Spears is going to disappear into thin air-and then magically reappear, to her fans' ecstatic delight.

"Right away, she got into the boxes and into the magic contraptions to learn the stuff, and she's so excited about this tour and all the elements that are in it," illusionist-comedian Ed Alonzo, who will be doing a number with Spears on her Circus tour, tells E! News.

The pop star will serve as Alonzo's assistant in the bit.

"We're going to be doing the classics of magic but a little high-tech," he said. "We'll be doing a little dissection, transposition, a vanish, an appearance-and if I do a trick, she doesn't just hold the props, she's actually getting inside the big boxes or I am slicing her up."

Sounds a bit risky, which is perhaps why Team Spears decided to leave the tricks to a professional.

I "made the tricks really easy for her...but there are some complicated things that she is doing that you would think a contortionist would have to do, or a trained magician's assistant," Alonzo said. "But because...she's a dancer, it really makes sense to put her in the magic, and it works and she's really, really good at it."

"Some of it's pretty scary, but she gets right in there with no reservations," he added.

Alonzo wouldn't divulge which Spears tunes would be accompanying his mini magic show, but-news flash-he did assure us that the overall show will feature "the best music of Britney that people have loved over the years and, of course, brand-new favorites from the new album."

And, like us, Alonzo has only seen Spears in warm-up clothes and sneakers during rehearsals, although she has been testing out different pairs of heels here and there.

The three-ring circus-inspired set is "exactly what you would see in a big giant Vegas production show, but it's going to be on the road," he said, and anywhere from 75 to 100 crew members and performers are usually around at any given time.

"It's going to be an amazing concert for people to watch," he said. "It's like watching a big Cirque du Soleil high-tech circus, but with a really focused star in the middle of all of this."

Source: Eonline.com

Bravo A-List awards: 3 nominations for Britney

Britney has 3 new shots on winning an Bravo A-list award after loosing to Barack Obama last year...
She´s nominated in the following categories:

celebrity A-List Album

celebrity A-List of the year
Britney Spears

celebrity A-List download

So, go and vote for her-I did!

Official 'Circus' Remix EP out TODAY!

We gave you a sneak peak of the official Villains 'Circus' remix yesterday and now you can buy the whole EP on iTunes. Head on over and get your copy. Which remix do you like the best? Vote after the jump!

tisdag 24 februari 2009


Britney is the Covergirl of the new german TV14 magazine...
I just love the pic they picked...

Shattered Glass

I just found that and I think it´s soooo cute! I just had to show it to you :D
This little girl also sings Womanizer and Circus...
Have fun ;)

Seek Amy Wardrobe

Britney On Set Nails

For The Record DVD Announcement

Britney: For the Record will be released in the US on April 7th! The DVD includes some never before seen footage as well as six bonus MP3 remixes of 'Circus' and 'Womanizer.'

måndag 23 februari 2009

Lutfi: BS Stands For More Than Britney Spears

Sam Lutfi is fighting back against Britney Spears' permanent restraining order against him, saying he never threatened her in any way.

Spears got a temporary restraining order last month claiming Lufti threatened to expose Spears family secrets, which they say have no basis in reality.

Sam claims in legal papers, "I have not, in any alleged communications with Britney, her hairdresser or any other person, threatened any act of violence against Britney or her family."

It's a confusing statement, because Brit never accused Sam of threatening violence.

Lutfi claims he received anonymous text messages saying Jamie Spears was about to release a letter written by Brit "making serious accusations" against him.

Sam says he called Jamie to discuss the letter.

The Spears clan didn't see it that way, especially since Lufti was supposed to cease all contact with Brit.

Theres something really strange about that guy...what comes around, goes around...better think before he acts. I think he is one of the ressons that our girl had thouse difficult years. Hopefully he won't get near Britney anymore and thank you god for Larry Rudolf .

Britney´s If you seek Amy shoes

I just found the shoes Brit is wearing at the If you seek Amy shoot on the net.
They are from Christian Louboutin and Phillip Lim.They come into stores in march...
So, lucky Brit is one of the first to grab one pair and is setting the shoe-trend for spring 2009!

söndag 22 februari 2009

Full Circus Picture

Enjoy the whole Circus cover picture! :D
I just love it!

Philippe & David Blond Tour Costumes

Here is the video that was on the E news.It's about Philippe & David Blond how designd Britney Circus toure costumes.The video dos not show all the costumes just some examples what it will look like. It looks so great and i think we can expect a really great show.

Girls Aloud to Steal Brit's 'Circus' Look

Girls Aloud performed their hit 'The Promise' at the 2009 BRIT Awards in London. When the feathered fans dropped, viewers could see the Girls sporting an almost identical look as the one Britney donned in her music video for 'Circus'. Maybe a little bit of Britney's 'Circus' vibe rubbed off on them when they met her at X Factor in Britain.

lördag 21 februari 2009

Britney nominated for the australian VMA´s

Britney is nominated in the category "Best moves".

Here´s the nomination list:

PCD - When I grow up
Beyonce - Single Ladies
Chris Brown - Forever
Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake - 4 Minutes
Britney Spears - Circus

Another #1

Britney did it again...
Circus is now #1 on the mediabase charts!
She has overtaken Taylor Swift and is the most played song on Radio!
Congratulations Brit!

fredag 20 februari 2009

Circus REMIX

Remember that hot "Womanizer Remix" EP that was digitally released back in December? According to Britney.com Jive is releasing one for B's second Circus single, "Circus"! The "Circus Remix" EP will be available for purchase on iTunes next Tuesday, Feb. 24.

Official tracklist for "Circus Remix" EP

1. Diplo Circus Remix
2. Tom Neville's Ringleader Remix
3. Villains Remix
4. Linus Love Remix
5. Junior's Electric Circus Remix

Fake Intro Of Circus

I just wanted to let you know that the intro for the tour leaked online, of course! HOWEVER, this is pretty fake and it is taken from Christina's tour intro and her song entitled "Enter the Circus".

How lame is that...

If you seek Amy

According to Breatheheavy.com the video to If you seek Amy will premier on march 2., one day before the Tour starts...
Can´t wait to see it :)

If you Seek Amy Fan Made Choregraphy

This video was made buy a fan in Brazil. I think it's preatty cool..What do you think,should Britney use this one on her tour? :)

The strangers

Did you know that Britney is at the moment totally into the Movie "The Stragers" with Liv Tyler?
Apparently she has seen it and was enthusiastic about it.
We have seen it too and can just reccomend it to everybody! It´s a great movie!

Vote for Britney even more...

Here is a voting on a german page, where they ask whos the sexiest Lady on earth...
It´s Brintey, right? So vote for her here:


Just klick on FEGER (Hot) and you did the right thing :D
Britney is currently second behind german actress/singer Yvonne Catterfeld...
Let´s make her number 1!

Do somethin´ rehearsal

There are rumors out there that Britney was rehearsing her second single from her Greatest Hits album Do somethin´ for her upcoming Tour...
I think it would be awsome if Brit would perform Do somethin´. :D

Britney interview

TheQuality of the video is not so great but you can hear her well.Britney talks about her album Circus...it's so nice to see her so exited about it....enjoy.

Circus Top#1

I have good news about Cicus singel
It tops the NRJ list in Sweden...at last...most playd song :)

Now we can really say that we sweeds love Britney Spears :)

torsdag 19 februari 2009

Britneys latest video jewlery

Omg Check this one out

Been wondering the story behind Britney's video jewelry? Erin Shiba and Lauren Chase, from the Diamond Information Center, spoke with BritneySpears.com on set of a recent video shoot about the Neil Lane diamonds donned by everyone's favorite pop princess.

Here you have the video that shows the video jewelry..Enjoy

Triple Gold for "Circus" in USA

Great News:

Britneys second single "Circus" from her album "Circus" has sold over 1,5 Million copies in USA which means she´s getting triple gold!

So "Circus" is Britneys third most successfull single behind "Womanizer" and "Baby one more time...".

We´re so happy "Circus" is selling so well and we think "If you seek Amy" will as well.

Vote for Britney

The spanish Magazine "Hola" is doing a voting about who has the most Style...
Britney is nominated among others, like Christina Aguilera or Jennifer Lopez.
So if you think Britney is the most stylish,you can vote every 15 minutes and here is the link to vote for her:


For The Record On DVD

Here you have the promo pic...enjoy

The DVD will be released: 7.4.2009

Britney Signed A $14 Million Book Deal?

There have been some rumors circulating in the UK that Britney is looking at signing a $14 million deal for her autobiography. This mammoth deal has Britney set to tell all about her rollercoaster life and career. However, one U.S. publishing insider tells OK!, it’s unlikely that the pop princess would get anything near the amount being reported.

“That seems ridiculously high for a book deal,” a source tells OK!. “Even though she’s a huge star, that doesn’t mean anyone wants to read an autobiography by her. To make back that much of an advance, the publisher would have to sell Harry Potter-size numbers.”

So while we would love to see Britney finally tell her complete side of the story from Mickey Mouse Club to divorced mother of two we’re not holding our breath.

onsdag 18 februari 2009

Ellen And Lily Allen Sings

Ed performing with Britney Spears on "Circus" Tour

Ed Alonzo How is a magician will perform whit Britney on her up comming Circus tour
thats all the info they can give us..

So we just have to wait and see what will happend on the they that
the circus tour will beggin.It just gets better and better:)

Circus NBA Commercial

Sweden Are Playing Seek Amy

I'm so proud of beeing a sweed today...our Radio station NRJ are playing "If You Seek Amy" over and over again...and the best of it is that they play the orginal version that is on the Album.
They don't think that is so big of a deel beacause there are more worse lyrics that they play so why not play seek amy were the lyrics don't say the F word straight out.

Message from Britney!

"I rehearsed on the tour stage for the first time!
It's cooler then I imagined & has a lot of moving parts-can't wait for you to see it!"~Brit

It's so nice that our Britt takes time of her besy schedule just so that we now whats going on whit her.We appreciate that :)
Britneys staf had found a really cool video on Youtube,
that i think you should see.
It's a cover of Britts Womanizer singel.
Don't bee afraid to comment what you think about it :)

tisdag 17 februari 2009

If You Seek Amy Behind The scenes

BritneySpears.com was on set of the 'If U Seek Amy' video shoot last week and Britney's dancers Willie, Jay and Luke gave us an exclusive sneak peek at the choreography from the video. This video was shot in the bedroom where one of the super hot scenes from the music video was filmed. You'll have to wait for the video to premiere to see the whole routine, but this should whet your appetite for now.

Britt as a Waxdoll

Britney was honored at Madame Tussauds this morning in London with a new wax replica portaying her first award acceptance of the night at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards.

Not only can you get your picture taken by this replica of everyone's favorite pop princess, you can also bust a move in the "Britney Spears Dance Chain" where you can learn some of Britney's dance moves and boogy down on camera in the dance tunnel.